August 24, 2018

Update #1

I know I haven’t written a blog in like a week (so sorry btw). Austin and I have been super busy this week so I decided to give an update!


For starters, I started school! I’m taking 7 classes this semester, 4 on campus and 3 online. Yeah, I thought I was being slick by taking 3 online classes. I thought they’d be super easy! I was super wrong. They’re easy but they’re sooooo time consuming. Also, I’m taking public speaking online. I thought I wouldn’t have to do as many speeches, maybe just one big one. Nope! I have to do a few speeches and I HAVE to be recorded and have at least 10 people in the camera. Kill me now. FYI, I don’t like talking in front of a huge crowd in person. I get all nervous and shaky and it’s not good. At all!


We’ve also been updating our house and getting it furnished! Austin and his cousin Bradley built our coffee table complete from scratch. (I’ll post pictures….I don’t know where they’ll be on the page….) We also just bought really a super cute drawer and nightstand set from Facebook Marketplace. We are putting them in our little “awkward room”. (It’s called the awkward room because the floor isn’t even. Where the kitchen and that area meet is not even and it bugs me. The room itself is just so oddly shaped!) Again, I’ll post pictures!


Austin has been working super hard lately trying to get videos recorded and planned out and such so he’s always busy with work. I’m super proud of him, though! He’s doing a great job.


Navi and Nova have been the same old crazy doggos. It was weird because this morning, I took them outside and Nova was scared to death to go out there! I couldn’t figure out why until I went out there with them and saw that the neighbors across the street had people fixing their roof. This dog, this big ol’ dinosaur lookin’ dog, was scared of the people working on the house across the street. She’s looking at me as I’m typing. She knows. Yeah, girl. I’m talking smack about you. Scaredy cat.


Well, that’s all that’s been going on with us lately. Hopefully this weekend I’ll have a normal blog out.


Thanks for reading! 🙂


~Mrs.Zee <3

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