August 28, 2018

High Hopes

As most of y’all know, Panic! At The Disco is my absolute number one favorite band of all time. I literally know every word to every song on every album. I always keep up to date with them, too. When I saw that Brendon Urie had been working on Pray for the Wicked and released a release date, I was ecstatic. Unfortunately, my first concert I saw was theirs last year, The Death of a Bachelor tour. (Btw it was AMAZING). I wish I could’ve gone to their past concerts and experienced them live from beginning to present. I am happy to say that that tour was my first ever concert and that I’m going to see them again in February for the Pray for the Wicked tour! Of course, I begged Austin to get tickets the FIRST HOUR tickets came out!


Anyways, my favorite song right now is High Hopes. It’s so upbeat, inspiring, motivating, and overall powerful. If you listen closely to the words, the song tells of his mother’s advice and that no matter what, keep on pushing. Always keep that vision.


“Mama said don’t give up, it’s a little complicated

All tied up, no more love and I’d hate to

see you waiting

They say it’s all been done but they

haven’t seen the best of me

So I got one more run and it’s gonna be a

sight to see”


Those are some powerful words right there. I literally get chills listening to this!


I think it means so much to me personally because of Austin’s YouTube career. I know I take no part in what he does but I feel that me feeling this motivated, I can encourage him to keep on going through the hard times. It’s also a nice reminder that it’s hard but you gotta “stay up on that rise and never come down”, meaning let the motivation push you as hard as you can go and don’t let anything bring you down, no matter how hard it gets. The song just moves me hardcore.


I definitely recommend listening to it and even checking out the band. Now, not all of their songs are PG so forewarning there but overall Panic! is amazing.

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