October 28, 2018


I’m sorry it’s taken me a MONTH to write a new blog. Oof! School has taken over my life. But I don’t regret it. I get frustrated and want to quit but my mama didn’t raise no quitter! I do regret taking 7 classes though. It’s so much work. Those of you in college or going to college soon, DON’T DO THAT TO YOURSELF! I somehow fit 4 semesters into 3 and just found out that this will be my last semester at my community college! 🙂


Now I’m looking at universities and figuring out how I’m going to pay for it and what I want to do as a career. I think I’ve got it figured out, though. And I’m excited about it.


I know I definitely want to do something with marine life. I have this burning passion for the ocean and the life that lives in it. If I could build a glass dome in the ocean and live in it, I would! I think I want to do Marine Biology. I’ve decided this about a year ago and then changed it but I think it’s something I could do and be really interested in and love.


I’ve been looking at colleges and I think the best one would be the University of North Carolina. (I think there’s 2 but I’m not going to tell which. I’ll keep ya guessing 😉 ) I hear they have a great marine biology program plus my brother-in-law’s sister goes there and she loves it.


Major: check!

University: check!

How to pay for it: … welp.


I want to get the cheapest tuition so that would be the resident tuition cost. I want to move there and live there for a year so during that time, I’ll get a job, save what I can for about a year, and then apply to the school, scholarships, financial aid, student loans, etc then start school.


I think it’s a good plan. Austin is pretty hesitant, though, which is kind of understandable. It would be moving away from family and his friends to a town we’ve never been to. He’s also worried that he’ll be paying for it all (even though he won’t and I will be sure of it).


If any of y’all reading have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know!


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3 thoughts on “School

  1. I moved away from all friends and family, and it can be tough but not impossible. If it takes you 5 years to complete a bachelor’s (and it could be less) then you could move anywhere after that.

    I wish you the best of luck. But please don’t do 7 or even more than 5 classes at once again because it’s just way too much.

    1. Boop,

      Thank you for commenting! It’s definitely not impossible! I really want to get away from where we live, as you know.

      I promise I will not ever do more than 5 classes at once ever again! LOL I want to do my very best and to be able to do that I need to be smart and not try to get all the classes over with in a rush.

      Thank you for the good luck!

      ~ Mrs.Zee

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