August 17, 2018


People, let me tell ya ’bout my beeeeeesstt friiieennddsss! I want to tell you about the most kindhearted, sweetest, most generous group of people I have ever met in my life. If there were anyone I’d want to be friends with, it’s these wonderful people. They are the amazing Squid Squad, Austin’s community.


I keep in touch with the Squid Squad through Austin’s sponsor discord. I am a staff member on there and it is an absolute honor to be a part of the community. They keep me company all day long when I’m bored and don’t have anything to do (or rather when I have tons of stuff I could be doing but don’t feel like it LOL), they are super supportive of not only Austin but me as well, and they’re overall just great company. I enjoy them more than I do most people. LOL


When I first joined the discord, I was worried that no one would like me but they’ve all shown acceptance to me and others as well! It’s really spectacular how accepting they are of other people. They really are great people. When there are new people that join, they’re so welcoming, accepting, and helpful. If anyone has a problem, someone is always very quick to help. If someone is having a bad day, they cheer them up and support each other overall. It’s quite unbelievable seeing it from my side.



Most importantly, they’re family. They (I should say WE) love everyone as if they were our family. Speaking of family, they even have have a family tree in process and each one has a “role”. It’s amazing how they come together as a group to come up with these things. I absolutely love how close knit this group is. There’s a saying that Syndicate says. I can’t quite remember it word for word but it’s along the lines of “I came for the community but got a family instead.” That’s exactly the feeling. I now know what he means by that. He’s absolutely right, too. The Squid Squad is my family wholeheartedly.


I couldn’t be more lucky and blessed to have such an awesome family/community. I honestly love each and every one of them. <3



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