August 18, 2018

Meeting Our First Fan

Story Time!


So Austin and I went to a convention at a place that was 30 minutes from where we live. Well, there’s this lovely lady named Erin who also happens to be a staff member on his discord and is part of the #SquidSquad who lives in that same city. Erin unexpectedly showed up and met up with us! It was nerve wrecking but also super cool! We were sitting outside for a bit waiting for this one panel to start and we turned around and she and I just so happened to make eye contact and we’re like “hey! I know you!” LOL We’ve seen each others faces before so it was easy to recognize each other.


Not going to lie, my heart dropped. I was super nervous. I didn’t want Erin to think that we were just some weirdos! Austin actually tried to hide LOL he’s never had this happen and at the time, no one really saw his face. We kept small talk until we settled down. Overall it was fun! She spent the entire time with us so that was cool. We went to different panels and walked around and talked and such. It was definitely a fun time.


I think it also gave Austin the reality that fans are going to come up to him and say “hi” if he’s out in public. There’s no doubt about that. It’s all new to us so it was nice to get a little taste of what our future could potentially be.


Thank you, Erin, if you ever read this. Thank you for taking time out of your day/night to see us and hang out with us. <3



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